The Company

In March 1990 Hans Felix Rätzel GmbH in Zerbst was founded. At first our enterprise appeared as sausage goods specialized wholesale. In the turbulent initial years after the fall of the berliner wall, we transferred for some trading ventures, e.g. Spar, Rewe and consumption broker activities, at present we are broker in the operating goods and accessory range.
Center of the 90's finally we took part in an EEC manufacturing plant in pure village, the Rätzel Reinsdorfer Produktionsgesellschaft (EV 1468). Are produced there with priority traditional Brüh and cook sausage as well as glass full canned goods, continuous sausage and brushable raw sausage. Our products are manufactured traditionally and process a genuine character, which the consumers appreciate quite. The straight traditionally manufactured products meet with large approval and not only in the own region.

That the Hans Felix Rätzel GmbH is not only an enterprise operating Germany far, cames from the rich and various product range. For products of Spain, Italy, France and Belgium we are direct importer and implement the distribution for Germany. For the Grupo AlimentoArgal S.A. (Spain) we have the sole agency right for East Germany.

For some years we are delivery partners of different trading ventures, so e.g. Aldi north, Netto, Kondi, Norma, Rewe, WalMart, Kaufland, Marktkauf, Edeka, Spar. We supply Germany far by forwarding business. With our own vehicle park we supply customers in Saxony Anahlt, Nieder Saxony, Saxonia, Berlin Brandenburg and north Thuringia. Beside chains the company supplies also meat hoar frost oh business, large-scale catering establishments, Catering business, hotels as well as different industrial partners.

Further we are direct importer of raw spices, have an own nature intestine improving enterprise and are supplier for butcher's shop commodities (actual. approx. over 9000 articles in the assortment)
2005 were created the Rätzel GENA GmbH. Into this enterprise the ranges packing spices and the trade with nature intestines and industrial need were separated. The internationality of the company was enormously increased by this segment.
Both companies present themselves as exempt private companies. From this the close functional linkage of the management of both enterprises for both companies results.
The ranges purchase, sales, selling are differentiated according to butcher's shop need, nature intestines and packing spices and wholesale with sausage and ham specialities.
Both divisions are led for the functional business in separate areas of responsibility. The Qualitymanagment for both enterprises lies with AP butcher's shop need, nature intestines and packing spices. All in all one can say that both enterprises hold together large business variety.