Sheep casings


Sheep intestines represent related to value the largest portion with nature intestines.

It assigned e.g. with Wienern, Frankfurtern, Nürnbergern, Debreziener, Pfefferbeisser and Bratwurst.




Under differences in the sheep races, in different climatic conditions and feeding, different qualities result. Select raw commodity from New Zealand, which Turkey and the Orient sorted in own sort enterprises in such a way that it becomes fair the high requirements of the filling and packing method of our markets.

  • Australia/New Zealand:
    Long-brisk commodity for rational filling; tender bite; brightens color

  • Türkei:
    Outstanding suitability for compact firm Brät; hard fillings

  • Opening:
    gesalzen; gerafft on hard or Softtubes; in doses, bags, nets, buckets or barrels

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