Cattle intestines are classical products for traditional sausage sorts. The quality of the cattle intestines is very strongly affected by race, climate, feeding and animal husbandry.

Employes in the sausage production :
Fleischwurst, ham sausage, garlic sausage, black sausage, “Pinkel”, Lyoner, liver and blood sausage, Krakauer, herb sausage, Mettwurst air-dried



The Rätzel Programm:

  • Opening:
    18m - Federation, gesalzen; 30m federation, gesalzen; 50m federation/industrial opening

  • Quality:
    Our A-quality is particularly suitably for the Brüh and cook sausage production, A/B qualities is particularly for production by raw sausage suitable.

  • Wreath/ring intestine sections:
    with setting; for rings; approx. 50 cm long

  • Opening Caliber widths:
    Caliber widths from 32/34 to 50/+ mm; manufactured wreath/ring intestines for the immediate and problem-free employment

Middel casings

  • Employes in the sausage production :
    Liver sausage, yellow sausage, Thüringer red and liver sausage, salami raw sausage, Aalrauchwurst

  • The Rätzel Programm:
    Know-how of many years and co-operation with experienced partners guarantee top quality from the house Rätzel.

  • Qualities und Sorts:
    A-quality for cook sausage, without windows; A/B quality - for raw sausage, with light window; Caliber from 40/45 mm to 70/+ mm

  • Manufacturing of central intestines:
    Central intestines are cut and tied to each desired length. Setting and length take place after arrangement with the customers. This permits a particularly rational employment, since no waste develops when cutting.

  • Opening:
    Sections; with or without loop; Federation á 25 pieces; gesalzen/Fassware


  • Employes in the sausage production :
    Schwartenmagen, Thüringer press bag, Mortadella, press head, hunt sausage, continuous sausage

  • The Rätzel Programm:
    Cattle caps are calibrated with air. The fat in the blown up condition is removed carefully by hand.

  • Opening:
    Handafter-degreased; Caliber from 80/100 mm to 140/+mm

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