Products and achievements for the butcher's shop need

Impressionen der Firma Rätzel

As internationally active purchase organization the Rätzel is always GmbH on the search for new offers from different product ranges. The perfect quality of a commodity is just as important to our customers thereby as an attractive price.

Both for production in the Fleischerei and for community food supply and catering trade a multiplicity of special canned goods and fine food articles is needed. Likewise commodity to the sales in Fleischereien and food specialist shops one inquires steadily..

Here now some product examples from our assortment:

  • pecialities, Mayonnaise, oils, fats, sour canned goods, food spice, Saucen, mushrooms, noodles, sheet paste, canned goods

Whether butcher's shop, specialized trade, community food supply or catering trade.

These devices belong to simply:

  • Kutter, wolves, filling machines, tie-clip machines, balances, baking roast and grill devices, microwave devices, shop furniture, cool and deep-freeze equipment, saws, Pökelmaschinen, cutters, grinding machines, Vakuumverpackungsmaschinen, Rippenlöser.

Hygiene products are an elementary component of the basic equipment of an each fleischerei and catering trade enterprise. In order to achieve an optimal hygiene situation, each day numerous cleaning agents and devices are in the use, which must be optimized regularly.

  • Hygienewear:
    One-way aprons & coats, caps, boat, Häubchen, gloves
  • Cleaning agent & devices:
    Cleaning agent, broom, brushes, brush, scrubbing brush, donor, rubber wiper, atomizer, first aid boxes, insect annihilator, cleaning machines
  • Sanitärhygiene:
    One-way towels, Toilettpaper

For the daily flow chart the customers of the Rätzel GmbH need a large number of different shop packing.

  • Plastic:
    Fresh retaining foil, viscose foil of cuts, Poly of cuts, Polybeutel, Vakuumbeutel, trash can bag, carrying bags, one-way cutlery, plate, bowls, Terrinen, cups, cup, menu bowls
  • Metall & Glas:
    Aluminum foil, glasses, covers
  • Paper:
    Impact paper, wax paper, Pergafin, butcher fold bag, cockerel and Haxenbeutel, sticking plate and sticking bowls, napkins, thermal role paper for balances.