Crushing mill


In the year 2006 the Rätzel GENA GmbH decided to invest into a further technical plant. In October 2006 the construction work for the further premises, which took place following the packaging area, with the building of a crushing mill began.

Due to its that a great many products are called original imported raw materials and a great many are delivered and/or bought with impurities, to have we us decided to begin the whole with a circle filter. The circle filter has two different filters, which are begun depending upon choice, e.g. with the pepper with the lower filter 2 mm and the upper filter 7 mm. The specific size of a pepper grain is with 5 - 6 mm, on the first filter everything that than 7 mm is larger, is thus abgesiebt, like e.g. shoes, strings, Coladosenclipse and much more besides. On the lower filter everything that than 2 mm is smaller, is abgesiebt, e.g. sand and light components of impurities. To this process the pepper comes on the stone from reader. There becomes everything that possesses the same size of a pepper grain, but specifically a larger weight has, seperately. Afterwards the product is also led across the aspiration plant on the cyclone under it lying star-wheel feeder. The star-wheel feeder ensures for the fact that an even weight of the product on the Walzenstuhl is always led. The Walzenstuhl has 4 passages, once for pepper white, for pepper black, for Piment and for Kümmel.

After this process will the pepper, as it wished is broken, in 1 - 2 mm or as handy husbands, < 1 mm to powder husbands. With this kind of grinding the product is very much preserved, i.e. by the small number of revolutions of the rollers the product is warmed up little. If the product is will however finely grind, the product is passed on over the hammer mill. This works with a very high number of revolutions and with air cooling. After the product passed the hammer mill, it is led again across an aspiration plant on a cyclone with a star-wheel feeder which is under it. Again the certain weight is proportioned evenly on a plan separator. This plan separator seventh the product depending upon desire out. In 1-2 mm griesig, in < 1 mm to powders to handy husbands to powders. Depending upon product and season the product in cold treatment houses on minus 20°C can be down-cooled, in order to thus achieve a product-more careful grinding. Across the aspiration plant now the product can be led on the packaging plant in order with the highest possible flavour portion to be packed and/or into a storage vessel be filled and after it to the sack filling and weighing machine be resumed, where it is sagged in 25 kg bags. Dusty air developed thereby is cleaned again in a high pressure filter and a low-pressure filter and thus the clean air of the environment is again supplied. The Rätzel GENA GmbH pays attention also here to very high quality and lets in regular intervals the gemahlene product micro-biologically examine, in order to thus ensure highest security with the product.


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