Packaging plant


In the year 2006 the GENA/Rätzel GmbH, with seat in Pulspforde decided to establish in the new premises a packaging plant again. This consists of a 3-bahnigen and a 1-bahnigen dosing scales as well as a Schneckendosierer with bag machine.

With the 3-way dosing scales each gutter consists of two vibration gutters, which leads the product with the preselected program and/or weight into proportioning ash. If the desired weight is reached, the information is passed on to the bag machine. This bag machine forms a bag out of a flat foil. If the bag is finished formed, the bag machine releases a signal to the balance, in order to give the product. If the product concerned in the transparency bag, this is welded, led automatically arrived at a conveyor, to the labelling machine and labeled thus. After labeling it is packed as desired, either in cardboards or in E2-boxes and/or for further storage also into large boxes. Also salt is to be packaged here. The achievement is here with 16 tons per layer, with a bag size of approx. 5 kg.

The second technical unit is a snail dosage. During this snail dosage all powdered spices, Paprika, Muskatnuss, are e.g. filled pepper, over a snail into a supply funnel. This supply funnel is always held on a same product level. From there out it goes over a second snail through a Tubus into the preformed bag of the bag machine. If the bag machine gives the instruction to the snail dosage, a further dosage is started. Each product has its own program, which must be determined in attempts, because differently, than not determined with the 3-heads dosing scales here the weight over cradles, but over a certain number of revolutions of the snail, if one can assume the product has always a same volume in itself. It continues to go as with the 3-ways dosing scales. If the product arrived into the bag, this bag is welded, labeled arrived at the conveyor and and packed again as desired then in cardboards and/or E2-boxes.

Both metering units are equipped over a storage vessel. This storage vessel is filled before with the product. The storage vessel has 500 litres of volume, into which depending upon product a certain quantity is filled and adjusted to the appropriate metering unit.

For smaller lot sizes, with which it is not worth itself to package with the 3-bahnigen dosing scales or the Schneckendosierer there is still another 1-way dosing scales, which similarly as the 3-way dosing scales work, but only one gutter has, which is weighed in a weighedschale. After that a cradles over a foot switch emptying is introduced manually into a bag. This bag is welded manually thereafter. By this constellation of the technical plants it is possible for the GENA GmbH to fill up little bags to 60 g and up to 25 kg in each bundle volume with these plants. Further technical devices are a Tumbler and a Schneckenmenger, with which mixing products are manufactured. In the Tumbler product-carefully articles are mixed, like e.g. multicolored pepper, where one makes certain much that the product is not however well mixed thoroughly hurt. With the Schneckenmenger to the fact importance is attached that the mixing result is reached very exactly and evenly and where one does not have to pay attention much how highly the property is stressed. After mixing the product is filled up into the storage vessel and supplied to the racking plant, where it can be packaged again load-fairly after customer's request in bags.

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